For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety


Our specials distinguish between custom-made solutions and Private label products. The custom-made solutions are usually built as one-offs for special applications or projects. Private label products are designed and manufactured for a specific customer and are mostly build in large quantities.

Custom-made solutions

With our custom-made solutions we offer the possibility of converting a single product to explosion-safe. We take care of the legally required tests, draw up the Technical Construction File and we provide the certification in accordance with the European ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. If necessary, a notified body is brought in for this. The end result is a CE-marked product, ready for sale or installation.

Private label products

private label product offers clients the opportunity to put explosion-safe products developed and manufactured by Artidor on to the market under their own name. The design becomes property of the client and the explosion-safe products are produced exclusively for this customer. The product is CE-marked in conformity with the ATEX 114 Directive (2014/34/EU) and all other European Directives that apply to the product. IECEx certification is possible in addition to ATEX.

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